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International Five Miles From Home Series 2021

  • 7-9 May Castle to Crane leg (Scotland) 
  • 4-6 June Ocean to City leg (Ireland) 
  • 9-11 July Welsh Sea Rowing leg (Wales) Entry now closed

Looking for three great reasons to get out on the water?

We’re pleased to announce that Castle to Crane in Scotland, Ocean to City in Ireland and Welsh Sea Rowing in Wales have joined up to bring you a unique, international, time trial series this summer: the Five Miles From Home Series 2021.

Rather than asking you to travel, we invite you -wherever in the world you may be- to take part in this international challenge by joining us from your home waters. Taking part is simple! Just form a crew, plot a course, cover the 5 miles (8047meters / 4.345nm) as fast or as stylishly as you can during the designated time windows, submit your times to us and join the online hooley.

Where in the world are the participants from!

The Five Miles From Home Series has a ‘Main’ and an ‘Alternative’ Challenge. The Main Challenge is open to any fixed-seat rowing boat and we hope that all major classes will be represented. The Alternative Challenge is open to kayaks, SUPs, canoes, dragon boats, offshore sliding-seats boats and outriggers. Incorporating a dedicated Under-19s youth category, we are also keen to involve and celebrate young people on the water.

Participants can take part in the whole series, allowing them to compare and improve on their results as they progress, or just in one single leg. Each leg in the series has a 48-hour window during which the challenge has to be completed. We are happy for the same boat to be used by more than one crew, and participants can compete in more than one crew, allowing clubs to organise their own Five Miles From Home micro-events.

Not only will the Five Miles From Home format encourage you get you back training and competing on the water, you will be part of a big international challenge connecting boating communities from across the world. Welcoming a variety of people-powered, sea-going craft, we are aiming for the event to be as inclusive, adaptable and enjoyable as possible!

Entries will open on the 1st of March 2021 through the Active event registration system and participation costs €10 per boat per leg, or €20 for all three legs. For kayaks and SUPs it is €5 for one leg, or €10 for all three.

We encourage you to enter the Five Miles From Home series with optimism and confidence. If, for whatever reason, you find your crew unable to complete the course on the water together, you can transfer your entry to our ‘Land Challenge’ and walk, wheel or run the 5 miles.



  • 7-9 May 2021, Castle to Crane leg (Scotland)
  • 4-6 June 2021: Ocean to City (Ireland)
  • 9-11 July 2021, Welsh Sea Rowing leg (Wales)


  • 1200 GMT on the Friday to 1200 GMT on the Sunday
  • Results need to be submitted by 1300 GMT on the Sunday of the Window for that challenge


  • 5 Miles / 8047 meters / 4.345nm

Race categories:

  • Main Challenge: for fixed-seat rowing boats
  • Alternative Challenge: for kayaks, SUPs, canoes, dragon boats, offshore sliding-seats and outrigger boats
  • Land Challenge: for those unable to get afloat due to restrictions, we invite you to walk, wheel or run.

Entry fees:

  • Price per Boat: €10 for one leg / €20 for all three
  • Price per Kayak, SUP, canoes or land challenge: €5 for one leg / €10 for all three


  • Every participant will receive a soft copy Certificate of Participation.
  • In the Main Challenge, the premier award for each leg will be a ‘Median Trophy’ which is awarded at the discretion of the organisers to the crew finishing in the middle of the fleet.  That crew accepts the trophy as representatives of the whole fleet. Our event really is one where being part of the whole experience is much more important than where you finish.
  • In both the Main and Alternative Challenge, there will be special recognition for winners in the various boat type, gender, age categories.
  • For the overall Series, there will be the Median Trophy, some Class Association Prizes and a small number of Special Awards. For full details see the Rules of Racing.


  • A Five Miles From Home Series buff / snood will be available for €10 incl. national/international postage
  • An Ocean to City – Five Miles From Home T-shirt will be available for €20 incl. national/international postage.


  • The Five Miles From Home Series is organised by Castle to Crane (Scotland), Ocean to City (Ireland) and Welsh Sea Rowing (Wales)

Registration – IMPORTANT:

  • Entries open on the 1st of March 2021
  • Every boat has to be entered by a member of its own crew.
  • One entry per email address only. If a second entry is registered on the same email address the system will override the first entry.
  • As the registration system is set up from Ireland, entry will be charged in €
  • A 7% Administration Fee is applied by the Active registration system
  • Due to the large number of participants involved, late entries will not be facilitated.
  • Registration deadlines:
    • Full Series / Castle to Crane leg: Midnight GMT, Saturday 1 May -Entry now closed-
    • Ocean to City leg: Midnight GMT, Saturday 29 May -Entry now closed-
    • Welsh Sea Rowing leg: Midnight GMT, Saturday 3 July Entry now closed

Update from the #5milesfromhome organisers – April 19th 2021

As we get closer to the first leg of the #5milesfromhome series it is not yet clear who will be able to actually row in crew boats. We would like to reassure anybody entering that if they are unable to row as a crew, the option to row singly, as pairs, with kayak/SUP or to do the Land Challenge is there and can be facilitated under the original entry with no change to fees or entry information. Subsequent legs can still be rowed as a crew, subject to your local Covid restrictions.

  • Changing your entry: If you need to change your entry, there is no need to let us know. Each participant will be emailed a results link in the week of the first leg. This link is unique to your entry and will ask you to submit your time achieved, GPS app record, social media pics, and how you completed the distance (rowing, paddling, running, walking, wheeling). If you changed your entry category, entry class or number of participants, you make sure to submit the change at this stage.
  • Timing the Land Challenge: For crews doing the Land Challenge, we ask that you submit the average time it took your crew to complete the distance. The emphasis in the Land Challenge is on participation and we encourage all crew members to complete the distance, although they do not necessarily have to complete it as a group at the same time. The crew submit the average time achieved between the crew, with evidence of one GPS app showing that exactly 5 miles (or 8047 meters) was covered.
  • Series Prizes: Due to the circumstances it has been decided that the Series Prizes will be awarded based on the best two results from the series. This means that those who need to change their entry on the first leg to the Alternative or Land Challenge, will still be eligible for Series Prizes – as long as they complete the three legs either rowing, paddling, walking, running or wheeling.

We hope that this gives you all confidence to enter with the knowledge that, even if rowing the first leg as a full crew is not an option, your entry is still valid and workable.

This is turning into a truly international event with over 100 entries from Australia, USA, Spain, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. We encourage you to sign up and also to start thinking about your possible alternative row, paddle, walk, wheel (wheelchair) or run.

And who knows – there may be spot prizes for the best picture?!